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Stupid cupid

40 EUR

Valentine's day sometimes is hell, but just because Cupid was absent-minded.
Matching souls is an art and requires time.
But sometimes, Cupid is so "stupid" to make you fall in love with the right person.

Wreath non included.
Require 10 days for production.
Laser cut on transparent fluorescent red PMMA, 18 x 18 cm approx.

Sunday Büro is a two-headed typo-graphic design studio
located in the center of Italy.
We love letters and illustrations and we do our best to create
handmade items which reflect our personality and interests.
We believe design should embrace craftsmanship to generate
something unique that speaks the language of our time.

The products you'll find are designed and made by hand in our studio.
When you buy something from us, you're buying time, sweat and love.